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Welcome to the BioFresh blog

Look beneath the surface: our rivers and lakes support an amazing diversity of life, from tiny diatoms all the way up to us humans.  These beautiful, complex webs of freshwater life often go unseen, and their importance un-noticed. However, the amazing diversity of freshwater life supports our everyday lives; from the water we drink to the food we eat.  BioFresh is a European Union project which is putting together the scattered pieces of information about life in our rivers and lakes, to better understand, manage and protect our freshwaters for generations to come.

BioFresh aims to build a global information platform for scientists and ecosystem managers with access to all available databases describing the distribution, status and trends of global freshwater biodiversity.

“Blogs are windows into academic coffee room chatter of the sort the media is not normally privy to” (Tomlin 2007: 23)

This blog is a forum for BioFresh partners and invited contributors to discuss the science, policy and conservation of freshwater ecosystems alongside wider environmental issues.

We are always keen to receive comments and suggestions for the blog, and happy to provide more information about BioFresh and wider freshwater biodiversity issues where requested.

We can be contacted at:


BioFresh homepage
The Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities
Tomlin (2007) “Blogging Science”, Science and Public Affairs: 2

BioFresh is funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework programme, Contract No. 226874.


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